Friday, March 15, 2013

Common Core - Good or Bad?

There is a huge debate about the common core going on right now.  Is it going to dumb down our kids?  Is it a program that is meant to gather a tremendous amount of data to track our students from preschool - until college graduation?  Glenn Beck had a very interesting show on.  Looking at just the standards, they are well written and ask kids to do more now than ever before. Check out the video clip and let me know what you think. What I see in public schools are teachers that are stresses out completely. I see teachers that feel like that are not teaching and simply reading from a script. They are frustrated, they are angry, and it shows everytime I work with them. I see students who feel they should get a reward everytime they turn in their homework, or have good behavior. They feel like they should receive an A just for showing up. Our culture is killing education, not a set of standards.