Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving Forward

First off, I will diligently try to be more on top of my blog.  So now that the election is over, where does education rank in the view of Barrack Obama and his administration.  If we are going to get serious about education reform, we have to get serious about asking tough questions and placing responsibility where it belongs....ON THE STUDENTS!  Sure, there are without a doubt, some teachers that can be doing better, but that is not the majority.  If we want America to be at the top of education then the questions that have to be addressed is: Why do we still have summers off?  Why does schools have fixed times and not flexible times?  When will teachers be regarded as doctors and lawyers and be paid accordingly?  Why do want all of our children to be standardized tested?  Why do we allow politicians to make decisions about education?  Fund the schools and let individual school districts decide how to best deliver education.  I believe that competition is still what makes America great and allows the markets to work.  If education was left to individual school districts to make the decisions of how to run their district, then I could see how vouchers and school choice would be beneficial to parents.  Currently, it doesn't matter because, overall, students get the same education no matter where they go. 

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